Struck by Eros Book Cover Struck by Eros
Redeeming Cupid #1
Jenn Windrow
Paranormal Romance
MuseItUp Publishing
July 8, 2016

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team


Most women hope to have one man in their life, but Noel Chase has one too many. She has been with her boyfriend Len for two years and it is the relationship she always wanted. Noel was badly hurt by her last love Brad, and it left her wanting a man like Len and not a man whore like Brad. Unfortunately, Cupid’s arrow struck her in her behind and bound her to the wrong man, a man who is definitely not her choice of soul-mate but is more of a sex mate.

Grayson Adler was also struck by Cupid’s arrow and it didn’t take long before he and Noel found themselves in a park looking for a large bush to hide behind. Sex with Grayson is off the charts, but he is the prime example of a man whore. He is handsome and is a girl magnet, and even though Cupid decided they were soul-mates did not mean that she would not fight for her right to be with Len. In addition to Noel and Grayson being stuck with each other, they also were picked by Cupid to help him locate and connect lost loves.

When Len finally proposed to Noel, she couldn’t say no. She is convinced she can find a way to get Cupid to release her from her job and from Grayson. Of course getting Cupid to agree with her is not an easy task since he finds all kinds of ways of making life miserable for her when she doesn’t follow his orders. She loves Len and is not giving him up in spite of the fact that she has had to change her entire life to please him. No cursing, no sexy clothes, no messes in the house (even though it is her house) and he doesn’t even wait for her to order her own food at a restaurant. Len has taken charge of her life but he is safe and Grayson is definitely not.

When one of their assignments turns out to be connecting Len with his true soul-mate, Noel makes sure it doesn’t happen. She never gives any thought to the fact that she is keeping Len from the woman he should really be with and can only think of what is good for her. But putting everything else aside, the fact is that she is cheating on Len and there is no way she can stop.

Since Brad, Noel has run from any man who is handsome believing that they are all the same and she couldn’t be more wrong. She never even tries to get to know Grayson because it is just easier to be with someone she doesn’t have to worry about. How long can she keep pretending to be someone she is not? How long can she keep stopping Len from connecting with his true soul-mate? How long can she fight off her feelings for Grayson?

This was a fun story that I read in one night. Cupid is just another Greek God having fun with mere mortals. I look forward to more in this series.


**2017 Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer’s Choice Award Winner**