Sundown, Holiday, Beacon Book Cover Sundown, Holiday, Beacon
Extraordinary Book 1
K.L. Noone
Paranormal Romance-Superheroes
September 11, 2019

Three superheroes in love! Or one superhero, one former sidekick, and one redeemed supervillain, at least.

Ryan, John, and Holiday have been partners -- in every sense of the word -- for two years. They’ve saved the world, fallen in love, and remodeled the secret base to include bookshelves and a bigger bed.

But Ryan and John have always been the public face of the team. The world still believes Holiday’s a villain. And he’s been using that reputation to stay undercover and share information. Tonight, though, Holiday comes home injured, and his partners aren’t sure the mission’s worth his life.

Caution: this story also contains lasagna, superhero theatrics, home renovation, a thunderstorm, and very enjoyable use of superpowers in bed.

Reviewed by Xanthe
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This is such a sweet romance between three men with super human abilities. It may seem that there is one villain and two superheroes but all is not as it seems to the outside world.

We dive straight into the action between Ryan (Beacon) and Holly, (Sinister Sorcerer)battling over a bridge full of cars and people. However, there is conversation between them and John (Sundown) as they aim to show Holly as the villain he is whilst working together to keep everyone safe…..

Whilst it’s not immediately clear on the relationship status of the three men, the reader is slowly fed history of all three of the main characters and how they came to be as they are in the present day. It’s an enjoyable plot and flow to the story. It’s clear that a strong bond has formed between them all as they fight against evil and to bring down the villains of the world.

There’s a lot of thought and care towards each other and the physical relationship that develops, first between Ryan and John and then Holly is added into the mix, is full of tender care but hot moments of physical contact, also not afraid to use their powers to heighten the experience! The three men are very interesting as individuals and really heartwarming together, you can easily understand why they are together and what they provide for each other.
This is a really well written superhero romance. I rarely see these and have enjoyed the characters created. I look forward to reading more of their relationship and maybe more action plots for them to dive into.