The Demon's in the Details Book Cover The Demon's in the Details
Touched by a Demon Book 2
Jeanne Oates Estridge
MF Fantasy Romance
Amazon Digital Services LLC
January 14, 2019

It’ll be a cold day in Hell before artist Keeffe Blackmon gives up the statue created by her late mother, a world-famous inspirational sculptor. Keeffe's not selling—not even to a man as rich as devil's food cake and handsome as sin—the gorgeous but morally repulsive billionaire Seth McCall. That is, until Keeffe decodes a fiendish contract and discovers she has just one month to prove she's earning a living with her art or lose her sculpture forever.

Demons will ice skate on the Lake of Fire before Satan puts Abaddon, aka Bad, the demon of sloth and Hell’s brainiest minion, back in charge of Hell's technology hub. But when Satan’s stooge McCall fails to acquire the powerful statue, Bad seizes his chance. To win his job back, Bad offers to possess McCall and, with the unbeatable combination of McCall's good looks and his own smarts, melt Keeffe into selling him the sculpture.

As Keeffe races to complete a mural in McCall’s McMansion and earn the cash she needs to keep her statue, the billionaire blows hot one minute and cold the next. It's almost as if he's two different men: one a jerk, the other sweet and nerdy and hot as Hell.

Aboveworld for the first time, Bad finds out his heart is even bigger than his brain. He is entranced by Sedona’s stunning landscape and seduced by Keeffe’s passion for art, life and the man she thinks she sees in McCall.

Bad may be the smartest demon in Hell—but is he smart enough to win Keeffe’s trust and ice Satan’s devilish plan to destroy Sedona?

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Georgia Keeffe Blackmon will be twenty-five very soon and she will finally be able to retrieve the statue her mother made for her before she died. The statue was an 18″ alabaster statue of an eagle and noone and nothing will keep her from getting that statue which is all she has left of her mother. Unfortunately she signed a contract due to the insistence of her step-mother Lilith a contract that she never really read because of her dyslexia. Rather than admit she couldn’t read and be subjected to ridicule she signed it because she trusted her father never realizing how much influence Lilith had on him.

Apparently there was a clause that stated if she didn’t make enough money with her art she would lose her right to the statue and so far her bank account does not look promising. Keeffe has no idea the evil forces being used against her and her family, paintings of hers are loved but people touch them and put them back, her sister has tried for years to have a child with no luck and her brothers have joined together to introduce a new video game for kids but they are in need of money. Her sister needs help becoming pregnant and her brothers need a backer so she never would have expected them to sell their statues but they did what they needed to do.

Her statue is wanted by Satan himself and he is the one in possession of the other three. Keeffe’s mother’s work instilled goodness and that is definitely against what Satan wants. Lilith invites a man to look at the statue, Seth McCall is a very handsome man with an ugly persona. He offers her more money than the statue is worth but she will not part with it and the only way for Satan to obtain it is if she willingly gives it. That is when a new plan has to be formed, a plan involving John Abaddon (Bad) the Demon of Sloth. Bad was instrumental in so many inventions used Aboveworld, inventions that were used for good and many times resulted in bad.

Bad has lost favor with Satan and he has been thrown out of DemSec, Hell’s hub of technology and in order to return to his old job he offers to get the statue from Keeffe. Bad is short, hairy with horns and tail but Seth McCall is only to happy to let him use his body. Unlike most humans Seth is thrilled with the prospect of helping Satan and joining him in Hell. A plan to get Keeffe to trust Seth and sell him the statue is in the works but Bad has to constantly fight with his other half Seth. Keeffe begins to call Seth, Dr. Jekel and Mr. Hyde and to complete his job Bad has to get rid of Seth for awhile.

With Seth getting his wish and spending time in Hell Bad goes about his plan to get Keeffe to trust him but things do not turn out as planned. I don’t want to go into any detail as to what happens between Keeffe, Bad and Seth. If Satan manages to obtain the final statue there is no doubt that it is not for their beauty. A wonderful story about good and evil and wonderful characters. The books in this series are standalone, no cliffhanger just a story that held my attention from page one.