The Spymaster's Secret Book Cover The Spymaster's Secret
Chronicles of Tournay
Antonia Aquilante
MM Paranormal Romance
NineStar Press
October 14, 2019
375 pages

Alexander is doing his best to settle into life in Tournai’s royal palace after years living outside the country due to his father’s diplomatic work. The sense of belonging and home he feels is overwhelming, but none of his plans are going as he imagined. Many see him as only a lovely, charming adornment of the royal court and underestimate both his intelligence and abilities. His attraction to Marcus, a mysterious older man who does work for the prince, Alexander’s cousin, is unexpected but not unwelcome…if Marcus could possibly see who Alexander really is.

Lord Marcus is the second son of a minor noble family, a widower raising two children…and the prince’s spymaster. He knows his work is necessary for the security of the kingdom and its royal family, but he also knows it can be distasteful and dangerous to him and those around him. Marcus has vowed never to fall in love again, never to put anyone else at risk—a promise threatened for the first time by the vibrant, flirtatious Alexander. The attraction is unwelcome and entirely undeniable. He can’t believe someone like Alexander would want someone like him, but he also can’t stay away.

As they become ever more entangled, Marcus is investigating rumors of spies at work in Tournai’s university. As he gets closer to uncovering their plot, Alexander is drawn deeper into danger. Can their love survive when Alexander is put in peril by the very spies Marcus is hunting for?

Reviewed by Melissa Brus, member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Team

Back in the world of Tournai, this seventh book continues the fabulous world
created by Antonia Aquilante.
In this edition, we get to see Alexander find his way. After returning to Tournai
he has watched his twin, Faelen, fall in love. So not only does he now have to find
his place in the home he left as a child, but find out who he is with his other half
moving on.
Nobody expects him to fall for the Princes’ spymaster, least of all the spymaster
himself. I love this world. There is intrigue everywhere. Of course there are the
political machinations of the court, but then there are the outside forces that seek
to take down the kingdom.
My favorite thing about this story is how Alexander is so much more than he
seems. Even Marcus underestimates the inner strength and integrity of his new
admirer. This is a great addition to this series. It lets us catch up on all of our
favorite characters while still being pulled into a new adventure and HEA with
Alexander and Marcus. Fans of this series are in for a real treat.