The Tailor and the Prince Book Cover The Tailor and the Prince
Sci-Fi MM Romance-Steampunk
Evernight Publishing
October 8, 2019

When Bertram Blackwood's father is attacked and injured, Bertie must take his father's place and travel to Japan where he hopes to obtain a contract for silk from the prince of the Kaiyo province.

But his rival, Felton Coleman, doesn't play by the rules.

Despite an attack on Bertie, and his right-hand man Tom, they still make it to the rendezvous in time to be taken to the palace.

When Bertie meets Prince Ichirou, friendship soon becomes something much more, but danger stalks Ichirou.

Bertie must battle with an ancient evil if he's to save his prince.

Review by (Xanthe)….Reviewer for The Paranormal Romance Guild

Pelaam is a new to me author but definitely one that I will be looking out for in the future. I really enjoyed the different aspects that the story had to offer and the different relationships that emerged between all of the characters. There’s the impression that this is in a steampunk era but also with mages and magic.

Bertram is on a mission to Japan with the hope to secure a contract between the family tailoring business and the prince of the Kaiyo province for their silk. Who knew that this could be such a dangerous business?! Underhand tactics from their competitor lead to his father being injured and their luggage stolen when they arrive at Japan via airship but Bertram is determined to do this right.

Upon meeting Prince Ichirou, there is a spark of something that quickly develops into feelings that both men experience. Unfortunately, there is something and/or someone that is determined to keep the prince under their thumb and the two men apart. Luckily the prince has an amazing group of friends/staff that are loyal to him and help the relationship to blossom.

Though shorter in length, there is a lot packed in as we begin in London with Bertram and his father, travel to Japan with Bertram and his friend/manservant Tom, encounter trouble after the airship lands and Hayate saves their trip, then the three travel to the palace where so much more happens. Friendships and love begin, a battle is waged and a contract won. All the while is a simmering tension that you know is going to blow at some point but don’t know how or when.

There’s a fantastic group of people that are supportive, fun, friendly, loving and help the MC’s through their battle against evil en route to and in the palace. They all make for entertaining reading and I’d definitely recommend the story.