Then The Stars Fall Book Cover Then The Stars Fall
Brandon Witt
MM Romance
Self Published
April 7, 2020

Wesley Ryan’s fond memories of the small Ozark town of El Dorado Springs gives him the confidence to leave his city life and failed relationships for a new start. Seeking a safe place, Wesley moves into his grandparents' old home and takes over the local veterinary clinic.

Travis Bennett perseveres in raising his three children and managing his business, but the death of his wife four years earlier has left him a shell of the man he used to be. Every day, every minute, is an aching emptiness. Finding love again seems far out of reach, not that Travis would even consider looking.

When an early morning visit from Travis and his dog stirs feelings in Wesley, pushing them away is the safest course—the last thing Wesley needs is to fall for a man with baggage.

Life, however, has other plans.

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Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz

Sr. Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

I originally read The Shattered Door and it was a standalone, not in a series. It was a strong churchly/religious driven story. At times, it was very hard to read as if the author had moments like that he was living that kind of life. I can only hope to God that by writing that story, he washed away the hurt, not the gay. So when I bought Then the Stars Fall, I had no idea we would be back in El Do. Glutton for punishment much Brandon???
When I read The Shattered Door, I saw that this town and its people was the thing that triggered hatred and prejudice. This second visit to El Do, reading Then the Stars Fall I felt was Mr. Witt’s forgiveness of the town.
Wesley Ryan has fond memories El Dorado. He visited his grandparents as a child. Since their death and inheriting their home, he has come here to heal. He wishes to put his last failed relationship behind him, not date, and just work. Dr. Ryan has moved here to help the local vet take some time off and help run the clinic.
Wes has come to town in a yellow Miata with a rainbow sticker on the back window. He has an early morning visit from Travis and his dog. The visit stirs feelings that Wesley seeks to push away. He learns that Travis lost the love of his life, Shannon, four years ago. This has made Travis Bennett an angry man. Four years of having his sister give up her life to come help him care for his three children. He owns the town feed store, managed by his best friend. Travis has sooo much, but only sees he has his beloved dog and memories and today his dog is hurting! Fear haunts Travis that it is the dreaded cancer that took his beautiful wife. He has to bring his dog to the vet
This story is a tough road, hard yet beautiful, not as dark as our first visit, more hopeful. Travis and Dr Sexy belong together…you feel it, you feel there has to be a way for them to get there. Brandon, I am so happy you brought us back to that horrible town… to have hope that the towns folk might have grown, when I had no hope for them, also shows me your forgiveness of them as well. The people we met previously show us Brooklyn made his mark there. It was good going back. I see this book is now labeled a series in the El Dorado Chronicle Series. Now I wouldn’t feel badly going back again!
Brandon, thank you again for taking me into secluded cemeteries, pens housing bulls and through burning buildings. Wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Great read!