The Thrill of the Hunt Book Cover The Thrill of the Hunt
L.E. Perez, Kelly D. Abell, T.M. Witko, Susan Burdorf, J. Nichole Parkins, Laura Stapleton, L. Marshall James
Fantasy, Paranormal, Suspense


Reviewed by: Heather Gabriel

Devil’s Cut (Blade Whisperer), by L .E. Perez

This story is about Kat and an antique sword she found with her grandfather Rodolfo. It turns out the sword, that she assumed was just an antique, turns out to be so much more. Her friend Spencer helps her find some information out about the sword and why it “calls” to her.

Morgan is a member of the Order and was a friend of Kat’s grandfather. He promised Rodolfo he would keep Kat away from the Order and that he would get the sword and keep it from the head of the Order, who happens to be Morgan’s father. Will he get the sword before Kat finds out her link to it and to the Order or will it be too late?

This is a short story and is fairly fast paced. It’s right to the point and interesting. It kept me interested from the first page. When I finished the story I wanted to know more of what happens with the characters and the sword and was happily surprised when I found out it is the first book in a new series.

Sweet Revenge, by Kelly Abell

The main character is Destiny. She has the Shade Sight, meaning she sees Shades or ghosts, whichever you prefer to call them. Destiny is kidnapped by the local Sherriff and no one knows where she is. When she awakens tied up she meets Randy, a Shade. Randy has been killed by the Sherriff and wants revenge. He is amazed when he realizes Destiny can actually see and hear him. He takes control of Destiny’s body without permission and causes a little trouble.

When her grandmother realizes that Destiny is in trouble she gets some help from a couple of other Shades to help find her. Will the Shades find Destiny before it’s too late? Will Randy get his revenge or maybe find something a little better?

This story is short and to the point. It is a quick and easy read and this is book 2 in the series. It was interesting and I wanted to find out what happened next, but there wasn’t a whole lot going on.

Shattered Glass, by T.M. Witko

This story is about a woman named Eileen. She thinks a new student of hers is trying to kill her. She sees her in her home, at school and on the street. Is she really seeing her or is Marcy a figment of her imagination?

It was well written and there weren’t any details that I felt were missing, but this story was not my type of story at all. It’s a quick read, but it is very depressing. If you like dark stories you may want to give this one a try.

Eye of the Beholder, by Susan Burdorf

This story is about Shelley. She and her mother own a pet shop. One day a new lady in town, Mrs. Culverton comes into the store and Shelley’s life changes.

FBI comes into the store and warns Shelley and her mother to stay away from Mrs. Culverton. Shelley’s mother doesn’t listen and takes some other ladies to welcome Mrs. Culverton to the neighborhood and end up involved in a murder.

The story is short and to the point. I would have liked to have a little more detail on some things, but it was a decent story.

Leak, by J. Nichole Parkins

The main character in this story is Lydia. She works in a lab and lost the coin toss and had to go out to get lunch for everyone. While she’s out she gets a call that will change her life forever.

There was a leak at the lab she works at and the virus is out. She is now running for her life with her family. Will they make it to safety in time? What exactly is this virus?

This story was quick and to the point. It was interesting and I wanted to know what would happen next. The end has a little twist that I didn’t see coming at all.

Imposter, by Laura Stapleton

This story is about Dr. Aaron Nicholson. Someone is using his credentials and it is causing him some trouble. He is picked out of a line up and they have him on video admitting patients at places he swears he hasn’t been. When he is arrested he calls his brother for help. Will his brother be able to help? Or is he somehow connected to all of Aaron’s troubles?

I figured out who the imposter was pretty quickly, but I was very surprised by the violence at the end. The story is short and to the point and starts right in with the drama from the first page. It was very suspenseful and I think I would have liked the story a better if it was a longer story and had more drama before everything comes to a close.

Follow, by L. Marshall James

This story has a rather odd way of starting out, but I will say it did peak my interest. As it progresses you realize the story is about Jil. She has lost her son recently in a car wreck and has gone to see a lady named Sherry, who can contact the dead. Jil doesn’t really believe, but is desperate to try anything to reach her son.

After the séance didn’t work, Jil goes home and some mysterious things start happening. She calls Sherry frantic for some answers and some help, but what happens next isn’t anything Sherry has dealt with before. The conversation Jil has to have with her son is absolutely heartbreaking.

I loved this author’s description of certain things. This story is sad and definitely pulls at the heartstrings.