Wild Crime Book Cover Wild Crime
Wild Crime Book 3
Julie Howard
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
December 4, 2019

"I'm a murderer. I'm a murderer. I'm a murderer."

Those three repeated words discovered in an old letter propel Meredith Lowe in a cross-country pursuit to unveil her mother's murky past. Danger stalks Meredith back to Hay City, Idaho as she peels apart the mystery: who is her father, and did her mother kill him? In finding the answer, will a growing love slip through her fingers?

Past merges with the present as the story races to its stunning conclusion

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

I did not read the first two books in this series but that did not in any way have an affect on my enjoyment of this one. Saying that I would still recommend reading the first two books before reading this review or this book. The author updated me on what occurred previously and although not in as much detail as if I had read it first hand enough to make everything understandable and enjoyable.

Meredith Lowe still seeks the answer to who her father is and why her grandmother banished her daughter from her life, never seeking her out after she left and never even saying goodbye when she died. Now sitting in her grandmother’s lawyer’s office she finally hopes her questions will be answered but once again her grandmother would leave nothing of value to her only grandchild and the only answer she left with that her father was David Givens, her mother’s high school boyfriend. The lawyer read a letter telling her she was to get nothing of value except for a cardboard box and what was in it.

Meredith did learn of an aunt, David’s sister and hoped that that would lead to where he is and find out why he left her mother and her without a word. Once agai, disappointed, the aunt had nothing more to add about her mother’s life and knew nothing about Meredith but she did give her David’s current address and she was determined to follow up and find him. Her mother always said her father was a terrible person and she wanted to see that terrible person face to face and get answers.

Her trip to Florida was with her two young children five year old Jamie and nineteen month old Atticus and Sheriff Curtis Barnaby who agreed to drive her and watch the kids when necessary. She had strong feelings for Curtis but with her past felt she was not good enough for him. Her mother was an alcoholic, they were homeless most of the time and never had enough food and she never knew her father. Her grandmother wanted nothing to do with her or her mother and Curtis’ life growing up was the total opposite, how could she possibly be good enough for such a wonderful man.

In the box left for her was a huge gaudy ring and although she would never wear it it was from her mother and one day would go to her daughter Jamie. What she never expected was for the ring to become as big a mystery as who her father was. The mystery of the father and ring were both surprises and there were a great many secrets revealed all leading to a miserable old woman who would do anything to protect her image even forsaking her child and grandchild.