Winter Wishes Book Cover Winter Wishes
COLONY World Book 1
Regina Morris
Paranormal Romance
Silkhaven Publishing, LLC
November 14, 2016

Charlayne Elizabeth Denney

Paranormal Romance Guild

Samuel Spargur needs to get away. His idea for a Christmas vacation wasn’t supposed to include an ankle bracelet, courtesy of the Vampire Council, nor was it supposed to have a limited supply of blood, prescribed by the Council to keep him weak while he awaited trial for conspiracy to ruin stolen Nazi artwork. His new partner, Hilda, would hold down the fort and work his cases while he was gone to visit his old friend, Sterling. He hoped Sterling could help him prove his innocence to the Vampire Council.

Louise Spenser is busy working on the donations to the various charities she supports, her standard Christmas fare. But even as she puts the tree up, she can’t help but think of her soon-to-be ex-husband, Clive, and his totally unreasonable demands for settling out the property between them. He wants it all, including the painting that she was given as a wedding present by her parents. Her daughter, Kate will be arriving with her husband, Sterling, and hopefully fill the holiday with happiness.

But when Clive shows up unexpectedly, a friend of their daughter’s on his arm flaunting her position as the new fiancée, Samuel plays the part of the “new boyfriend” and jealousy, anger, and sabotage go hand-in-hand into the holiday for the entire family.

Winter Wishes is the newest Colony series novel. The vampires of the Colony have extended families and this is a story from the family. Samuel is an old friend of Sterling’s. The book has all the flavor and fun of the Colony books and it is a fun read. While the Vampire Council tries to hurt Samuel, he manages to find love with Louise. And there’s history too, the entire story around the painting given to Louise by her parents traces back to the Nazi art heists and how art dealers are trying to get the paintings and other artwork back to their owners. Her history and religion woven into the story are solid.

Vampire fans, especially Colony series fans will love this one.