Wolf Moon Book Cover Wolf Moon
Moon #7
Lisa Kessler
Paranormal Romance
Entangled: Select Otherworld
February 6, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team


Another winner by Lisa Kessler. Another shifter book filled with suspense, secrets, surprises, sex, violence and mouth watering shifters. It was a series like this that first caught my attention and love for this genre and if you are like me than this is the series for you.

Raven Wood is a werewolf but it was a decision that was totally out of her hands. She is part of the Caldwell Sedona pack, a pack where humans both male and female are bitten to increase the size of the pack. She was also given to two of the pack as their mate against her will and life for her is a daily nightmare. She finally decided that enough was enough and the only hope for her and her sister who is also a prisoner is to get to the Reno Wolf Pack and ask for their help. She also wants to warn them that the Caldwell Pack is preparing to attack and kill them. Of course all of this is possible because the pack is working alongside the Nero Group an enemy to the Reno Pack and other packs trying to live in peace.

She almost makes it except for the fact that the van breaks down and she is on her own. When a car stops to help her she is leery since being bitten the one thing she hasn’t got is trust. It is only when she learns that the werewolf who stopped for her is Luke Reynolds and he is from the Reno Pack. She is alone and has to decide if she can let her fear go and trust in the one man that could possibly save her, her sister and the pack and keep them from bitting humans and enslaving them.

Luke left the Reno pack to take a job as head horse trainer and to get away from all his mated pack members. Luke has been seeking his mate and has just about given up hope when a simple touch of hands shows him that his mate is Raven. Being a werewolf she also immediately feels the connection.

Luke comes up with a plan to get himself accepted into the pack by convincing Caldwell that he has turned against the Reno pack and hopefully get an opportunity to kill Caldwell. Luke and Raven work together to make his plan a success and fortunately there are others who want Caldwell gone as well. I am not going to go into detail as to what transpires since it is something you have to read for yourself but trust me it is filled with excitement and violence.

Although this series can be read separately why miss out on reading about other sexy shifters and their search for a mate and their battle against Nero. I can honestly say that I loved each and every book in the series and hope that there is more coming.


**2017 Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer’s Choice Award Winner**