Wonderland City Book Cover Wonderland City
Rhys Ford
MM Romance Fantasy
Dreamspinner Press
April 28, 2020

When Xander Spade went through the Looking Glass, he wasn’t looking for salvation. He’d been running from the devil who took his soul, only to fall prey to the greatest monster in Wonderland City, the Queen of Hearts. Years later, the Queen is dead and Xander has a chance to go through the Looking Glass and back home where he belongs.

Xander’s devil wants him to find a little girl who escaped into Wonderland City, before her presence brings down an apocalypse of uncontrollable chaos to the already mad world. Along with Jean Michel, the former Knave of Hearts, Xander now is in a race against time to find the missing child before all Hell breaks loose and he loses his chance to go home.

Reviewed by Melissa Brus

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This story was part of the Devil Take Me Anthology. It is now released as a stand alone novella.

Leave it to Rhys Ford to combine “Alice in Wonderland” with a deal with the devil. If you ever wanted to know what happened after Alice left the citizens of Wonderland, well Ford answers that question in beautiful and fantastic ways.

Xander Spade has to resurrect his former life as the Ace of Spades in order to bring an end to the threats to Wonderland. When another young girl crosses in the realm, the chaos that could cause brings to light other dangers and twisted plots to change their reality.

Along with Jean Michel, the former Knave of Hearts, the two must make decisions that will have repercussions for their world and their own destinies. Rhys Ford takes on Lewis Carroll’s world and imbues it with her own voice. The combination is fascinating and wonderful. There is such beauty in just the language of this story. Then the story itself is so fascinating. The result is a great book for fans of fantasy.